Green Clementine

Who We Are

What is a Green Clementine?

An un-ripened fruit
Lots of juicy potential
Requires sunshine and water
Needs room to grow
Contains seeds to reproduce
Any more you can think of…we would love to hear them?

Meet the Team

Green Clementine works with specially selected experts and companies to deliver excellence of service and provision for a holistic solution to clients and partners. These associated partners have embraced Green Clementine’s values and bring additional expertise to the fore. Green Clementine prides itself on ensuring a complete offering and peace of mind when engaging in business and talent management solutions.

We all seek out potential in everyone and are passionate about developing others. We always behave ethically and are authentic. With a background in learning and development, business, leadership and education we are experts in encouraging people to be the best they can be using different strategies to bring results.

Claire Buckland, Managing Consultant, founded Green Clementine to provide people development solutions to respond to the growing need for organisations to recognise the value of their people. Whatever the challenge a business has it can usually be resolved by addressing “people issues”. Combined with the desire to encourage companies to take better care of people, and offer an excellent employee experience we want employees to be HAPPY!


Claire Buckland Profile

Claire Buckland partners with organisations offering specialist advice and guidance for growing people. Claire brings expertise in Learning and Organisational Development, Apprenticeships, and Leadership and Management. Claire is a creative thinker with excellent critical evaluation skills, able to spot opportunities and create and drive forward projects. She has excellent stakeholder management skills. Her passions are Employee and Customer Experience seeking to add value to businesses through people.

Claire’s background in learning and development spans over 20 years. Her knowledge and skills have been acquired from leadership roles in: a University, Consultancy, FE College and independent training providers. Developing strategies; transforming businesses; creating innovative solutions; building and delivering high quality learning programmes; managing quality assurance; generating new apprenticeship standards, as part of trailblazer groups; and working in partnership with governing bodies, funding bodies, awarding organisations and other strategic partners.

Most recently Claire has introduced higher and degree apprenticeships through partnering with employers to build high quality, tailored programmes that offer best value for money and return on investment. Clients include retail, manufacturing, security, automotive, logistics and public sector organisations. She has become a go to person for guidance on the Apprenticeship Levy writing articles in HR Director magazine, Professional Manager Magazine; interviewed by the BBC for Inside Out programme and speaking at local and national events such as the World of Learning Conference and Exhibition, Chamber of Commerce and Ready Levy Grow at Coventry University.

For more information contact: Claire Buckland, Managing Consultant, Green Clementine, 07970 692 009

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Our Values


We are enthusiastic about everything we do, if it doesn’t excite us we don’t do it!



Behave ethically and honestly, delivering what we say we will with best intentions



We are responsive; adapt to change effectively, and move with the times



We want to make a difference and help you do the same


Why use us?
People Development

Whatever business challenge it can usually be resolved by addressing “people issues”

We want employees to be HAPPY!

We would like to encourage companies to take better care of their people by offering an excellent employee experience

We believe people are happiest when they are given the chance to grow

Green Clementine helps you to grow in the direction most appropriate for you
We want to build “fruitful” partnerships with you